System Map

by noospheer

Last week was the Free Software and Open Source Symposium 2012, hosted and organized by Seneca @ York + CDOT. In the spirit of openness, here is a bird’s eye view of noospheer’s components. (Click for full size)

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Breakdown ‘The system’ is designed as an open source solution stack, intended to put to rest 4 important problems in computer science:

  1. Integration ~ merging data from many disparate sources, while retaining the integrity of each original source.
  2. Distribution ~ efficiently spreading this federated set of information across a potentially infinite number of web-enabled devices.
  3. Privacy ~ using emulated quantum cryptographic schemes to provide data security better than the current state of the art.
  4. Visualization ~ making intuitive sense, in-browser, out of complex data; so all users can ask advanced questions and get insightful answers [note: we further intend to make the network fully accessible to those with special needs].

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Data Sources

Application Programming Interface (API)