The Raw Data Market

by noospheer

One of the key dilemmas noospheer has faced as a startup is coming up with a fair, sustainable and scaling revenue model. Licensing fees don’t work because we’re open source + we simply don’t want to charge. Advertising doesn’t work because ads take up valuable pixels. Our model should be uniquely enabled by open technology.

Recently, when describing the project to a friend who works in private equity, she nonchalantly formed the basis of a new model. Until now noospheer has focused on the black and white: private data and public data. Users (individuals and organizations) can either keep data closed or open access. But what about users such as corporations with high-value proprietary information? Realism says company X with data set Y will simply keep Y under lock and key. But as corporations are organisms of profit, perhaps if X could sell Y for Z, they would be willing to do so.

Gartner says the business intelligence market is huge and growing. The average 20 page market research package runs for around $5,000. That comes with a few tables in a pdf – not reams of structured, visualized data. Simply, noospheer is free to access, download + host, share, extend and modify. But if one decides to charge for access to information through the network, we’ll take a cut: 3%.

As highlighted in the previous post, noospheer is an open data platform. Once the system is online, users are encouraged to their spread data – especially scholarly data – free of charge. Yet as the world is primarily dictated by large, proprietary-paradigm institutions, we play the corporate game and provide an option to charge for data set access. Should the market incorporate the noospheer model, it can fiscally enable our company (Noo Corp) as an open force for change… Stay tuned.